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Best diet, the Mediterranean Diet 2023 – Ranked #1 for a second year in a row
That’s right, for a second year in a row the Mediterranean diet has ranked #1. To us @ Athena Roasted Chicken this is not a surprise…

When it comes to food the Mediterranean/Greek fundamentals are based on serving fresh food prepared with simple good quality ingredients. What we eat has a direct relation to how we feel, therefore it is important to be conscious about what you and your family eat.

The Mediterranean diet is based on the regular consumption of olive oil (@ Athena Roasted Chicken we don’t use any animal fats), plant foods, vegetables, legumes. Also, it is believed that the moderate consumption of fish, poultry, dairy, alcohol, and a limited use of red meat products is beneficial to one’s health. These are the principles of the Mediterranean diet, and our Greek style of cooking.

At Athena Roasted Chicken we understand the benefits of following a well balanced diet. There have been many studies proving the benefits of this diet. As per the MPDI Journal the Mediterranean diet has been associated with an improved quality of life in adults with type 1 diabetes. It is also known to help chronic conditions, weight management, and other health related conditions.

In Mediterranean diet, as in our cooking, all dietary choices are available – low-fat, vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, pescatarian.

Whether you visit us for a fresh home cooked meal or implement this diet principles at home, enjoy your food, eat what’s good for you in moderation and remember the words of Hippocrates: “Let food be the medicine, and medicine be the food.”


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